About Us



 To be renowned designers and printers of premium quality packaging that  always meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations, from concept to  application, through innovation, craftsmanship and excellence.  

Who We Are


 Since 1986 Caribbean Label Crafts has been dedicated to Quality,  Excellence and Craftsmanship in label design and production while  establishing long term relationships with customers in the Caribbean and  Latin America. 

 Caribbean Label Crafts provides its customers with top of the line  packaging solutions as well as assisting each customer to build strong  and well recognized brands.

 Our design studio and printing plant located on the beautiful island of  Barbados, along with our Marketing, Sales and  Customer Support teams in  Jamaica, the French West Indies, Puerto Rico,  and Central America,  are proud to serve the requirements of clients in  thirty-two countries in the Caribbean and the Americas.  



 Caribbean Label Crafts Ltd. is committed to providing customers with  premium quality packaging solutions, support and services that will  enhance the standards of their packaging and add value to their  business, while building and maintaining long term relationships  

Our Partners


Caribbean Label Crafts specializes in quality multi-colour, multi-process labels and tags with tight tolerances, a high level of consistency and the ability to conform to a wide range of application and environmental challenges.

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