Pressure Sensitive Labels


 Pressure Sensitive labels are supplied to you in roll form and come in a wide variety of papers and films. In addition, PS liners are available in both paper and film. Typically a film liner is used with a film label and will achieve faster labeling speeds than a paper liner. Because the adhesive is already applied to the label, PS labeling is one of the easiest labeling methods available, often allowing improved setup, changeover and cleanup times. 

Wet Glue Labels


Wet Glue, Ungummed, Cut & Stack, these labels are delivered in stacks rather than rolls. The adhesive is applied to the label at the bottler/packager usually through the use of a high speed packaging line.



 Tags are a great way to draw attention to your product. It allows you to build on the story of your BRAND. 



 Use your label to promote your BRAND through contests and give-a-ways. Contact one of our Business Development Executives to discuss what promotional label right for your product. 

Variable Data


Change the message or graphics on each label to create a one of kind promotional product or simply just number your product for tracking or limited edition.



Small cartons for cosmetics, food packaging.

The Extras

Brand Developement


 Developing or refining a corporate identity is a process that aims to clearly define what your brand stands for: its goals, its personality, the emotions you want people to experience when they come into contact with your brand, and a clear conveyance of that identity through a positioning statement. 



Caribeean Label Crafts can provide you with a package design that compliments your product and entices the consumer to grab it off the shelf.

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Digital Label Printing Press

To compliment our traditional, higher volume flexographic label printing capabilities, Caribbean Label Crafts has introduced high quality digital label printing technology that will address end users' need for high quality labels at lower quantities.